About Elise

Elise Whitworth

Elise Whitworth is a native Georgian who entered ministry in 1976 as an adult educator and writer. To broaden her perspective and education, she worked her way through college and graduate schools, earning a BA in psychology, M.Ed. in adult education, a M.Div., and a doctorate in religious education. During her educational pursuits, she lived and worked in England for a year, and returned to the USA to help launch adult training centers and a master’s level institute of strategic Christian leadership.

Believing in contributing to society beyond the classroom, she served in a safe house for victims of domestic violence, a volunteer police chaplain, and pastored several churches in South Georgia. She currently serves as Wing chaplain with Georgia Wing CAP- U. S. Air Force Auxiliary and was awarded the National Chaplain of the Year Award in 2009, and the National Squadron Chaplain of the Year Award in 2012.

Elise stands in support of American families and individual freedom while firmly believing that if we assume our responsibilities as citizens of this great nation, we can and will exile socialism and continue to restore sanity to America. A major part of this restoration is to pass the torch of faith, family and freedom to the next generation.

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