Elise Sponsors Wildcat Band

Today, I had the awesome privilege of supporting our Duluth youth by becoming a sponsor of the Duluth High School Wildcat Band. GO WILDCATS!

Supporting Duluth`s Business Community

I met with a Duluth business owner today regarding my campaign platform, political philosophy, and economic perspectives. Overall, we seem to be in sync with common sense approaches to address economic concerns and I look forward to working together to secure economic sustainability for Duluth families and businesses.

Thank You for Your Support!

I spent a productive day of meetings with various Duluth citizens who expressed enthusiasm and support for the “VOTE ELISE” campaign—thank you for standing strong with me in preserving and advancing core values of faith, family, and flag.

Duluth Fall Festival Sponsors and Volunteers Dinner

Elise at the Duluth Fall Festival dinnerToday, I had several meetings with campaign volunteers to finalize a few strategies, and then I was off to the Duluth Fall Festival Sponsors and Volunteer Taste of Duluth dinner. There I sampled gourmet treats and chatted with Senator David Shafer, Mayor Nancy Harris, a few council members, fall festival sponsors and volunteers, and chilled with Miss Cindy and her mom. This city likes to have a good time and it is great to be a part.

Elise Attends Fine Arts League Forum

Today I was attending to business at Albion Farm HOA meeting, and then off to the Duluth Fine Arts League Forum moderated by Wallace Reid and held at the Duluth Gallery. League members had an opportunity to ask questions of Council Member Marsha Anderson-Bomar and the three candidates for City Council Post 3, which is the post for which I am running.

A Full Day

Elise at Chocolate PerksTuesday was a full day of community, individual and board meetings; beginning with Civitan and ending with the Downtown Development Authority meeting at Duluth City Hall… with campaign planning meetings mixed in between.

Chocolate Perks always makes a great business meeting place, and a place to chill out and take a brief mocha break as one enjoys the stained-glass artwork of Hardeman Fine Art Glass of Duluth (just a few doors up on historic Main Street).

Keeping Up with City Council Business

As a way of staying current with city business, I am continuing to attend City Council work sessions and council meetings, as I have been for the past year. Work sessions and council meetings provide a great opportunity for citizens to be informed and involved. Some work sessions include periodic status updates from staff regarding various projects, and citizens are always given an opportunity to present their ideas or concerns to council during the “matters from the citizens” part of council meetings.

Elise Supports the Fine Arts

From September 11 through September 20, Huthmaker Violins Shop of Duluth hosted a French Violin Exhibit which featured eight French luthiers or stringed instrument makers and bow makers.  The event launched Saturday morning via a concert by the Duluth High School Orchestra followed by a Saturday night concert whereby Duluth’s local violinists and cellists gave a stellar performance.

Elise had the privilege of meeting Hans Nebel, a French violinmaker, and his lovely wife, Inge. She looks forward to other history-making events such as this that will continue to advance the City of Duluth as a Fine Arts Destination City.

“I have a great appreciation of the fine arts today because during the late 1960’s I was exposed to the fine arts talent of my immediate family at an early age,” said Elise. “Mom was a violinist and artist (oil paintings), and my brother was an aspiring classical pianist– then there was my father’s love for country music; so you might say I had the best of both worlds—classical and country. When I heard about the French Violin Exhibit, I knew this was one event I did not want to miss.”