Elise Takes Clear Stand on Major Issues

For today’s news update, I felt it was important to communicate where I stand on a few important issues. Simply, I believe in:

  • The primary responsibility of government to ensure the safety and welfare of its citizens
  • Fiscal accountability of government
  • Strong national defense
  • Free enterprise of individuals and businesses
  • The primary responsibility of elected officials to serve as representatives of the people
  • The right of each citizen to have a voice regarding governmental process and policies
  • Traditional American core values
  • Individual constitutional rights of free speech and private property ownership, the right to bear arms, and justice
  • Reformation and restraint in areas of government that have moved beyond its constitutional boundaries and roles
  • Facilitating and empowering citizens to take an active role in government

As expressed on the “Challenges” web page of this web site, how the country goes is ultimately the responsibility of its citizens, and it is vital that each citizen become informed and involved.

Elise Becomes One of Fall Festival Sponsors

Today, I attended the Swingin’ Medallion’s Concert and kick-off event for the Duluth Fall Festival. While there, I became one of the sponsors of the Festival as a way of supporting community working together. The Swingin’ Medallions gave an outstanding performance.

Elise Attends Freedom Rally

Elise and Karen Handel, candidate for GovernorElise and campaign volunteer Janice Polack attended the Freedom Rally at Killer Creek Harley Davidson in Roswell on Thursday.  The event was a kick-off to the 9/12 Project and events occurring in Washington, DC.

At the rally, Elise extended an invitation to Karen Handel, candidate for Governor of Georgia, to join her for the Duluth Fall Festival during the last weekend of September.

Elise Selected for `Engage Gwinnett` Committee

On Wednesday, Elise was selected to serve as an alternate member of the “Engage Gwinnett” committee, where she will take part in a six-month series of meetings to review county government demographics, economic trends, infrastructure plans, and other budget-related information. At the conclusion of the process, the committee is expected to make recommendations about future service levels and revenue generation.

The first Engage Gwinnett committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 8 at 8:00 am.

GDP article

Elise Attends Duluth Legislative Breakfast

On Wednesday, Elise attended the City of Duluth Legislative Breakfast at City Hall with elected officials, key city staff members, State Representatives and Senators and candidates for city elections.

The meeting was very informative, covering budget overview and legislative concerns as well as highlighting Duluth citizens’ involvement in the public process through the Citizens Budget Committee, Mayor’s Advisory Council, the Citizens Police Academy and Buford Highway Corridor Study Committee, among many others.

Said Elise, “The city of Duluth truly lives up to it status as a City of Excellence and Ethics.”

Elise Launches Twitter Page

To make it easier for Duluth voters to follow the progress of her campaign, Elise has launched a Twitter page at www.twitter.com/EliseWhitworth/. Subscribe to the very popular,  free service where you can even have Elise’s updates forwarded to your cell phone!

Elise Qualifies for Post 3

The Gwinnett Daily Post reports that Elise has qualified for Post 3, the position formerly held by Jim Hall who has decided not to seek reelection. Elise will be challenged by two other contenders.