Elise Supports the Fine Arts

From September 11 through September 20, Huthmaker Violins Shop of Duluth hosted a French Violin Exhibit which featured eight French luthiers or stringed instrument makers and bow makers.  The event launched Saturday morning via a concert by the Duluth High School Orchestra followed by a Saturday night concert whereby Duluth’s local violinists and cellists gave a stellar performance.

Elise had the privilege of meeting Hans Nebel, a French violinmaker, and his lovely wife, Inge. She looks forward to other history-making events such as this that will continue to advance the City of Duluth as a Fine Arts Destination City.

“I have a great appreciation of the fine arts today because during the late 1960’s I was exposed to the fine arts talent of my immediate family at an early age,” said Elise. “Mom was a violinist and artist (oil paintings), and my brother was an aspiring classical pianist– then there was my father’s love for country music; so you might say I had the best of both worlds—classical and country. When I heard about the French Violin Exhibit, I knew this was one event I did not want to miss.”

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