Elise Takes Clear Stand on Major Issues

For today’s news update, I felt it was important to communicate where I stand on a few important issues. Simply, I believe in:

  • The primary responsibility of government to ensure the safety and welfare of its citizens
  • Fiscal accountability of government
  • Strong national defense
  • Free enterprise of individuals and businesses
  • The primary responsibility of elected officials to serve as representatives of the people
  • The right of each citizen to have a voice regarding governmental process and policies
  • Traditional American core values
  • Individual constitutional rights of free speech and private property ownership, the right to bear arms, and justice
  • Reformation and restraint in areas of government that have moved beyond its constitutional boundaries and roles
  • Facilitating and empowering citizens to take an active role in government

As expressed on the “Challenges” web page of this web site, how the country goes is ultimately the responsibility of its citizens, and it is vital that each citizen become informed and involved.

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