Elise`s Plan to Move Duluth Forward

Today, Elise had the opportunity to present more of her platform and plans for Duluth’s success at the Civitan Forum who hosted this event that included all three candidates for Post 3 Duluth City Council. She brought out the fact that the median age of Duluth citizens is 35.1 years, so it will be important for the City Council and Staff to think more multi-generational in their planning and moving forward process, while continuing to maintain and improve sports for youth, and providing a quality center for Seniors.

Later in the afternoon, Elise met with Mayor Harris and answered some of the Mayor’s questions regarding positions and issues, i.e., the Major’s own review process included all three candidates who were given equal time to respond to her questions.

During the Civitan Forum and the Mayor’s candidate review session, Elise shared her positions on some issues of great concern to the citizens that included:

  • Addressing hazardous infrastructure issues brought about by aging and the recent deluge (did we see Noah’s ark pass by?), should be top priority as common sense would rightly determine. Install more sidewalks would increase foot traffic and would provide another way for folks to improve their health.
  • Dropping the Ridgeway Extension project, and moving forward with the Highway 120 realignment project.
  • Preserving and improving the Old City Hall block that has proven to be a great site for the Arts and through the initiatives of the Duluth Fine Arts League and the First Friday Art Walk events, has breathed new life into Downtown Duluth. Preserving what represents a vital part of our history and the soul of the city is important.
  • Move forward with the Parks and Recreation Master Plan as SPLOST funds become available—especially the top priorities as expressed by the citizens, which was and still is the desire for more multi-use greenway trails, nature trails, dog parks, and bike trails, and a Senior Center. Wouldn’t it be great to have groups of bikers target the City of Duluth as one of their stop, rest, and eat destinations—another way to increase foot traffic in downtown Duluth.

Although, not mentioned during the Forum or review, Elise also believes it is very important to resolve the problem of increased criminal activity affecting neighborhoods adjacent to some centers of those activities, and to continue with crime deterrent strategies initiated by the Duluth Police Department.

Topping off today’s meetings included attendance at the Georgia Wing CAP staff meeting at Dobbins Air Force Base, led by Col. James Hughes.

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