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Restoring Faith, Family & Freedom

About ten years ago, I began to realize that something was not right with the American Dream picture.  You may vaguely remember this picture—it was when folks could leave their door open and take a walk in their neighborhood without fear of harm, the Constitution as the law of the land was respected, children could be children, and families were strong in their resolve to stick together during the good and bad times.  Gradually, faith, hope, and love seemed to waver, and struggle for survival and being a God-fearing person ceased to be acceptable to the point where one is compelled to practice self-censorship for the sake of political correctness.

These realizations started my journey of discovery:  What forces were provoking fear and chaos and choking the life out of the Spirit of Liberty in Americans?  There has been and continues to be an agenda in play to destroy families and turn America into a two-class society- the very rich ruling elite and the poor, thus eliminating the thorn in the side of the ruling elite, that is, the hard working middle class.  What I discovered during my research was shocking—the threat to our freedom is real.

This launched me on a mission to pro-actively involve citizens in responsible citizenship through educational initiatives, and advance the restoration of faith, family and freedom in America.  I refuse to remain silent while fruit loons dismantle and pervert our liberties and heritage.  This is why I wrote, The Rise and Fall of American Socialism, with the last four chapters dedicated to outlining citizen action plans for restoring American families and the Spirit of Liberty.  There was a strong sense of urgency to get this book published before the 2012 elections and into the hands of Americans who care about liberty and their children.  I hope that you will join me in mentoring our young people and getting this book into as many hands as possible so that together, we can restore sanity and liberty to America.

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