Marching Toward a Run-off Victory

Elise has hit the ground running toward victory following her strong showing on November 2. She looks forward to meeting with you before the December 1 run-off, encouraged by the number of Duluth residents who are looking for the right kind of change. As Elise says, “Losing is not an option.”

From The Gwinnett Daily Post:

Two candidates for Duluth’s Post 3 council seat will face off again in a Dec. 1 runoff election, based on Tuesday’s unofficial polling results. Billy Jones had 276 votes and Elise Whitworth had 255. Neither candidate won more than 50 percent of the votes, making a runoff election necessary.

The third candidate for the Post 3 seat, George Rhode, won 127 votes.


Whitworth, 61, is an online faculty member of Axia College of the University of Phoenix. She vows to help generate more job opportunities, improve the city’s infrastructure, focus on crime prevention, multi-generational planning, sustainable growth and historic preservation.

“I came in only 21 votes behind the front-runner tonight. I’m confident that I’ll win this election. Losing is not an option,” she said.

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