Mayor`s Advisory Committee Alumni Meet

Elise at Steverino'sAfter several weeks of planning and preparation, the Big MAC (Mayor’s Advisory Committee) 2008-2009 Alumnus group reformed and met at Steverino’s to discuss how we, as a group, want to engage Duluth regarding issues and challenges facing us today. Several constructive ideas surfaced, and so we are off to a great start.

The planning and preparation committee consisted of Janet Tidwell, Janice Polack, Mayor Harris, and myself; others who joined or participated the first inaugural meeting tonight were Chuck Mason, Robin Gail Sessions, Harry Andrews, and Rob McQueary.

A few topics discussed included signage at new intersection of Pleasant Hill and Buford Hwy.; downtown traffic and road realignment; the Buford Hwy. corridor; and Old City Hall block. The group concluded that we needed more information and that attending City Council meetings would be a good place to start.

Thank you, Steverino’s, for graciously providing the space for our Big MAC Alumnus group.

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