Meet Elise on October 29

On Thursday, October 29 from 7:30 to 8:30 pm, Huthmaker Violins will host an opportunity to meet Elise. Refreshments will be served during this great  opportunity to talk with Elise about your dreams and concerns regarding the City of Duluth.

Half-Hour Heroes Serve Duluth`s Children

Kerry Jackson artOver the past several months, I have been involved with the Half-Hour Hero Program as an ambassador helping to promote and encourage participation in the program by our citizens. Today, I attended the HHH meeting in conjunction with the Duluth Community Leaders organization led by Chip Sweeney as we discussed more strategies for getting the word out.

This is a great opportunity for Duluth citizens to have a positive influence on our children. For one-half hour a week, Half Hour Heroes meet one-on-one with a child to mentor, tutor, and/or to be a friend them. For more information about how to become a Half Hour Hero, contact the school closest to you.

Elise interviewedAfter several hours of campaigning, I was off to the First Friday Art Walk by the Duluth Fine Arts League. The crown jewel of this event was the captivating and creative performance art of Kerry Jackson (sponsored by the Huthmakers), climaxed by his live paintings performed to the rhythm of background music.

With the combination of music, art, food, and fellowship, this evening proved to be inspiring and refreshing. (More Duluth Fine Arts League photos can be found here.)

[Pictured above: Kerry Jackson performing art to music. Below: Elise interviewed at the October First Friday Art Walk.]

Elise Supports the Fine Arts

From September 11 through September 20, Huthmaker Violins Shop of Duluth hosted a French Violin Exhibit which featured eight French luthiers or stringed instrument makers and bow makers.  The event launched Saturday morning via a concert by the Duluth High School Orchestra followed by a Saturday night concert whereby Duluth’s local violinists and cellists gave a stellar performance.

Elise had the privilege of meeting Hans Nebel, a French violinmaker, and his lovely wife, Inge. She looks forward to other history-making events such as this that will continue to advance the City of Duluth as a Fine Arts Destination City.

“I have a great appreciation of the fine arts today because during the late 1960’s I was exposed to the fine arts talent of my immediate family at an early age,” said Elise. “Mom was a violinist and artist (oil paintings), and my brother was an aspiring classical pianist– then there was my father’s love for country music; so you might say I had the best of both worlds—classical and country. When I heard about the French Violin Exhibit, I knew this was one event I did not want to miss.”